Gitlab 8.15.4 integration with JIRA 7.2.5

I am trying to integrate Gitlab 8.15.4 with Jira 7.2.5. I tried to follow the gitlab documentation in /help/project_services/, but the instructions and JIRA screenshots seem out of date. I think I did the spirit of the instructions:

  • Created a GitLab user in JIRA
  • Created a gitlab-develoeprs group
  • Added GitLab user to the gitlab-developers group
  • I then gave the group and user all of the permissions I could think of
  • I then a configured Gitalb project to map to the JIRA url, project key, username and password, and the transition id

I know the JIRA account is working because I can log in as the GitLab user and see issues in the project of interest. When I press the Test button in Gitlab, it says the test was successful. However, when I commit to git with a JIRA issue ID, Gitlab does not even hyperlink the issue in the commit message, and I do not see any activity on the JIRA side.

Hello, one non intuitive thing to do:

  • You have to enable the issue management in your project.
  • Without the defined JIRA service you will get the “internal” GitLab issue management.
  • Once you define the JIRA service the internal management is not used anymore.

Thank you! That was the missing (and as you said, non-intuitive) part of the configuration process. The complete integration now works!

@mfriedenhagen Can you please explain it deeply? where have I to enable the issue management in Gitlab side or JIRA side?

Note: I am using the JIRA cloud version

You first have to enable GitLab and afterwards configure the JIRA service in GitLab as well.

@mfriedenhagen I can able close the Gitlab issue by using the closes #2 triggering word. But If I trying the same closes TP-548 for the JIRA issue mean that doesn`t work.

I made changes by this issue_closing_pattern. I have using the JIRA cloud and GitLab 8.14.3

Do need I to change anything?

@arunkumar, sorry, I do not use this feature. One guess: has the commenting user the permission to resolve or close issues?

@mfriedenhagen Yes! He have the permission

One other thing. Make sure you set the correct transition id for JIRA, there is no real default if the JiRA instance has multiple workflows.