Assigning a Linux user group as Gitlab administrators

We manage our Gitlab servers via Ansible, including a Jinja template of the gitlab.rb file. Our users all login via LDAP, and a particular Linux user group is comprised only of administrators. Is it possible within the gitlab.rb file to set any users in the Linux group as Gitlab administrators by default? I’m assuming it’d be something akin to this:

gitlab_rails['default_admin_group'] = linuxadmins

Right now our instances are solo, but we likely will move to a high-availability layout in the future, and I’d like to avoid having to manually add 20+ admins manually on every server.

According to the Gitlab LDAP Documentation, as seen here: Integrate LDAP with GitLab | GitLab

There is an option:

unfortunately, this is only available in Gitlab-EE with a subscription of Premium or Ultimate. So unless you have a subscription, you won’t be able to do what you want to achieve.

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Ah, good to know. We’re on CE, but I’ll bring this up with my manager, vaguely remember talks of looking into EE.

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