Roles and Permission

Hello Forum,
I am trying to achieve one requirement and not able to implement it.
Below is the scenario.
I want to implement group based access to gitlab.
Below are the roles I want to setup (Default access would be Guest)

  1. Admin - admin

  2. ProjectABC_Owner → Project ABC member with owner role.

  3. ProjectABC_Dev → Project ABC members with developer role.

  4. ProjectXYZ_Owner → Project XYZ member with owner role.

  5. ProjectXYZY_Dev → Project XYZ members with developer role.

  6. ProjectPQR_Owner → Project PQR member with owner role.

  7. ProjectPQR_Dev → Project PQR members with developer role.

I am ready to take premium subscription as well if required.
Could someone please help me here, how I can implement this scenario.

What kind of external authentication do you use? Are you on self-hosted on