Auto Dev Ops and Kubernetes Cluster

I’m currently engaged in Auto Dev Ops. Auto DevOps only seems to work if a Kubernetes cluster is available? The Google Kubernetes Cluster costs a lot of money. My provider doesn’t allow to install Kubernetes. In the documentation I found an indication that a container would suffice.
Are these statements correct?
Is it possible to use Auto DevOps without a Kubernetes cluster?

You don’t strictly need a Kubernetes cluster - per the docs, an instance of docker machine connected to your gitlab install nce running with privileges enabled should enable some of these features as well. That said, the auto-deployment and related tools rely heavily on Helm to run their installs, do releases, etc - which is all very Kubernetes specific, so I’d say at best some limited features of Auto Dev Ops would be available without a cluster, but expect that to be HIGHLY constrained.

If a GKE instance is too rich for your blood and you’ve got a spare desktop machine with a bit of memory and disk, you could run Minikube to make a single-node VM cluster (the performance will be fairly poor, and it’ll be highly constrained on memory) which you could bind to a private instance of GitlabCI to “be your cluster” which might be a reasonable happy medium for you.

On, a kubernetes cluster is only needed for testing (and maybe deploying) as far as I know.

Have you ever managed to setup a Minikube single-node Kubernetes cluster for use with GitLab’s Kubernetes Integration?

Unfortunately the documentation for adding an existing Kubernetes cluster is very sparse and it neither specifies the cluster’s requirements nor describes common issues.