Gitlab and Kubernetes

I’m new to gitlab, so apologies in advance.

I was hoping to replace Jenkins with We’re mostly a java shop with Gradle. We aren’t yet developing Kubernetes applications, so just looking to build and test JARs mostly.

Can I still use a GCP Kubernetes cluster for this? I configured one and then tried Auto DevOps for this project and it seems to be using Heroku runners.

Do I need to configure a runner on my GCP cluster for standard Java builds? I’m also assuming Auto will not be sufficient, so I assume I need to create runners in the cluster for the non-Auto use cases.

The docs have a bend toward build Kubernetes apps. I’d just like to use it for build and test pipelines.


I haven’t worked with Gradle, but I am sure you can use GitLab CI with GCP K8S. If you don’t want to use Heroku, you can create a Dockerfile at the root of your repository and start it with line

FROM <image>

where image is one of official Gradle Docker images (

Note also that if the Auto DevOps template is not sufficient, you can copy it to .gitlab-ci.yml and modify it as needed.