Auto Devops and Serverless (AWS)

Hi there,

I just came across Auto DevOps and it looks really promising. Great work guys!

We are starting a new project that will follow the Serverless First approach. It will run on AWS and the main technologies we are using are:

  • Route 53
  • WAF/Shield
  • CloudFront
  • Cognito
  • React Native (Mobile) (Typescript)
  • Serverless Framework (
  • AWS API Gateway (REST)
  • Lambda (Node + Typescript)
  • DynamoDB
  • SnowFlake (BI)
  • CDK (For Infrastructure as Code)
  • KMS
  • S3
  • One AWS account for every business domain (in production).
  • We will have seed databases (create from an anonymized version of DynamoDB tables in production)
  • We believe that ephemeral Infrastructure would be desirable for this project. In this regard, Serverless makes things a little easier.


  • How suitable for serverless (in our case, AWS) deployment is Auto DevOps in its current version?
  • How fast do the builds run if compared to other popular CI/CD SaaS?
  • Can we use our corporate AD (hosted on AWS as well) to grant access to GitLab console/features?
  • Is Auto DevOps GDPR, PCI, SOX compliant? If not, can we make it be?
  • Can we integrate some platform for testing the APP on real devices?
  • Can we have Canary or Blue/Green deployment (on Serverless)?
  • Can we make Auto Devops run on ephemeral infrastructure (serverless on AWS)… it would have to create the state (copy dynamodb table from the seed database) and configure everything from our CDK (or Terraform) scripts, then run the tests and collect the result, After finishing, it should remove all states from this deployment, so we don’t need to pay for any storage while not using it. We could have a set of accounts for this purpose (myproject.ephemeral01, myproject.ephemeral02, myproject.ephemeral03, etc) so that builds could run in parallel.

Congratulations for the great product. it might become a game-changer!

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