Auto DevOps image with a custom chart?

Ok, I’m really struggling with using a fully-custom helm chart inside of Auto Devops.

So, if you include a chart directory in your project, it’ll completely ignore the standard chart (except for the postgres instance, which is technically separate).

I’m letting auto devops build and push the container image, which creates the latest and git hash tags. But I’m struggling to use the tag in my helm chart.

        image: {{- printf "%s:%s" .Values.image.repository .Values.image.tag -}}

Reading through the auto-deploy source and the auto devops source and the auto devops default chart this seems like it should work?

I’m new to helm, so I feel like I’m missing something obvious?

I am a newbie!

It should be

        image: {{ printf "%s:%s" .Values.image.repository .Values.image.tag }}

(notice the lack of dashes.)