Auto-merge will lose some of the pipeline that should be there

Dear Developer.

I’m having a problem with auto-merge, it looks like a bug, but I’m not really sure, please help me out, thanks!

I have a project that is set up to trigger a pipeline when a merge request is initiated. When user a submits a merge request, the pipeline starts executing, and before the pipeline has finished, user b commits new code on the current branch, and then user a sets auto merge.

What user a expects is for the current pipeline to execute normally until it finishes, and then to run the pipeline again with the new code that user b commited.

But in fact, gialb ci doesn’t run the pipeline again, it just merges the code.
This results in the code submitted by user b being merged without being checked by the pipeline, so that if there is a problem with user b’s code, it will be merged directly and the pipeline will be meaningless

I’ve attached a screenshot of the pipeline below, thanks in advance!

gitlab version: gitlab 15.8.1,self-managed

Please compare the Commits and Pipelines tabs to see if there is pipeline for the latest commit.