Autoscale dockers that do not use docker

I have several windows machines setup with traditional gitlab-runners in AWS to build a heavy project (build time 1h.
The runners do not use docker. But i have created a AWS launch-config that works for generating new runner machines.

I have looked at
From what i understand the runner builds the solution inside a docker, and i would rather it build it straight on the windows machine.

Is this possible?
I understand that the spawnMaster might have to use docker, but the spawned win boxes should just be from a build-config with gitlab-runner on the os.
Any tips on how to configure this so i have a “spawnmaster” that checks the queue and keeps one or two idle (depending on time of day) and spawn a new if no idle, but not more than X. Also kills and removes machines and runners when idle for X mins?

I rune gitlab 13.2.1 on a red-hat 7 machine.

Hope this