Autoscaling with docker+machine but running shell on VM?


My name is Lluís from project. We are currently assessing the migration migrate from our custom Jenkins build infrastructure to Gitlab CI/CD. There is one detail that we might have overlooked and now it presents itself as a potential blocker for our migration. I hope you can help me confirm/deny it :slight_smile:

We have tests that need to be run in VMs (for technical reasons, they cannot run in containers!). We have set up a machine with a GitLab runner, with the autoscaling properly configured to spin up VMs in GCP thought the docker+machine executor. However, once the VMs are ready, the executor will try to run the jobs on Docker containers inside the VM, while what we need is a just to run them with a remote shell there.

From the documentation, it seems like what I am trying to achieve is not supported.

Is is correct that docker+machine executor does only support running the CI jobs in remote Docker containers? Is there a way I can workaround this to achieve the above stated goal?

Documentation that I have been looking at: