Azure Blob Storage Connection Issue


I wanted to ask the community for help in debugging an issue to make sure it’s a bug before I report it as a bug.
I’ve been helping someone setup a self-managed (Omnibus) installation of Gitlab, and we wanted to connect it to Azure Blob Storage. I’ve followed the documentation but it doesn’t work. At least we want to push files to LFS files, but we get an error on the client and nothing gets pushed:
fatal error: server error: failed to push some refs to
If we disable the object_store,

gitlab_rails['object_store']['enabled'] = false

then it (lfs) works locally on the server. But again, when it’s enabled and I run the gitlab-ctl reconfigure command, there is no info on the connection status, that it failed etc.
I’ve looked through several gitlab logs and I have no idea where to look for gitlab object store connection output, and in the documentation I find no info on how to check whether a connection is working, which is quite sad, as I prefer to solve things myself as much as possible.

The gitlab server is a fresh installation, and the config file has no changes other than the object_store section.

Let me know if I need to provide more information. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

This issue has been resolved and was due to an error in the connection string. A how-to guide or template would be helpful to prevent such issues.