Backup gitlab chart. How to configure S3 buckets?

I’m trying to backup (manually for the time being) my Gitlab chart running on Kubernetes (Azure). I want to store the backup in a bucket on AWS S3. Here is the relevant section from my configuration:

      key: config                                               
      secret: s3cmd-config                                      
  bucket: some-bucket                                  
  tmpBucket: some-bucket-tmp              

When I run the backup-utility dumping databse and repositories works fine, but then:

Bucket not found: registry. Skipping backup of registry ...
Bucket not found: gitlab-uploads. Skipping backup of uploads ...
Bucket not found: gitlab-artifacts. Skipping backup of artifacts ...
Bucket not found: git-lfs. Skipping backup of lfs ...
Bucket not found: gitlab-packages. Skipping backup of packages ...
WARNING: This version of GitLab depends on gitlab-shell 9.0.0, but you're running Unknown. Please update gitlab-shell.
Packing up backup tar
ERROR: [Errno -2] Name or service not known
ERROR: Connection Error: Error resolving a server hostname.
Please check the servers address specified in 'host_base', 'host_bucket', 'cloudfront_host', 'website_endpoint'
command terminated with exit code 74

Do I have to configure additional buckets for registry, gitlab-uploads etc.? Where is this documented?

I have the following s3cmd config

access_key = ...                                             
secret_key = ...

And create a secret from this file with

kubectl create secret generic s3cmd-config --from-file=config=s3cmd.config

I also tried adding

host_base =                                                    
host_bucket = %(bucket)                                       
cloudfront_host =                                      
website_endpoint = http://%(bucket)s.s3-website-% (location)    

to the s3cmd, but no change.

I can list the bucket using s3cmd just fine, so I’m probably missing some configuration.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Has there been a solution to this problem? We are struggling with the same problem but when working with minio from the standard GitLab chart.

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I’m using helm chart, it comes with a mini and it works fine. But I want to backup to aws s3 without stopping working with the minio