Specifying Staging-Location for Cloud Backups

Recently, our GitLab server fell over because someone uploaded a bunch of stuff to it and blew out the /.../backups filesystem’s capacity. While we do periodic redeploys of our GitLab host when storage trend-reports indicates we’re going to run out of space, the offending uploader blew out the projected demand-curve.

As a result, we’re switching to direct-to-S3 backups (using instance creds to a dedicated bucket). Down-side is that the S3 backups still require localized staging-space. While I found the gitlab.rb settings for setting alternate backup locations, I have yet to stumble over how to tune where an S3-targeted backup stages its TAR file to prior to shuffling it off to the designated S3 bucket. Is there no such setting, or do I just use the backup_path directive to achieve that end?