Best-practice for OpenShift/K8s deploy from docker-compose.yaml

Heya GitLab lovers,

like to discuss here in the community a best practice for Docker deployments to K8s.
Nice that with 13.10 the GitLab Runner Operator for K8s and OpenShift became GA.
Installation and setup works also quite smooth following docs and README from repo:

But as we all know K8s is moving incredible fast and alot of GitLab alternative show up.
Especially with that OpenShift as K8s distro bundled as tech preview.
In that regard it would be nice to power play with some best practice for GitLab CI to K8s.

Most DevOps supporting developers will find them presented with docker-compose.yaml.
Let’s assume that’s what more advanced devs are using once they overcome Docker files.
From a OpenShift perspective they try to tackle that use case with their internal CI tooling.

Assuming GR Operator running with a image containing the oc/kubectl binary we can use it.
Then it’s bunch of line in .gitlab-ci.yml to interact with OpenShift the K8s native way to deploy.
Adding some hacked to it we can basically kick things rolling their somehow.

But we wondered if there is not a more native way using some of GitLab’s K8s integrations?
Goal is to reach convenience with developers without changing their Docker compose workflow.
That’s why we like to kick start the discussion to see what cool stuff to build with GitLab :sunglasses:

Cheerio and thanks for your feedback :grinning: