Best practices to share a private source code with someone for Code Review and QA?

We are in a situation to share the source codes of a Web Application with someone for Code Review and QA since our Developer left the company.

The App is in production and the codes are in the GitLab repository with our ownership.

I would like to get some suggestions how to share the codes with a new Developer for Code Review and QA?

My concern is that this process should not disturb my production environment, and the original codes should be separated from the changes the new Developer is going to suggest / make.


I’d try the following two ways:

  • Either fork the repository into a new one, and grant the reviewers access there. Future changes can be proposed through a merge request then.
  • Or you’ll create a new branch based on the master production branch, move this into a WIP Merge Request. and the reviewer can leave their ideas and thoughts solely into the MR.

Whenever you receive the MR from either one or the other, you can always select whether to add these, or to revert them before this MR gets merged then.


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