Bi-weekly pipeline schedule

CI/CD Pipeline scheduling cron works incorrectly

*When setting a bi-weekly cron schedule (i.e. 15 0 /14 * 1) it does not use cron’s specifications correctly

  • Let’s say both of these cron schedules don’t work as expected (every two weeks on Monday at 00:05am)
5 0 */14 * 1
5 0 8-14,22-28 * 1
  • The first schedule in 2021 April was scheduled “today” (though today is NOT Monday)

  • Next schedule is for April 5th (though it does not match days 8-14,22-28)

  • What version are you on? Are you using self-managed or

    • On premisses GitLab 13.5.5-ee
  • The main issue, that fugit cron combines elements 1-4 and ignores 5th, or combines 1,2,5 and ignores 3rd/4th, which results in unpredictable results

Does anyone know how to fix it?