Can I, and How, configure the branch naming convention for branch binded to issues?

In Gitlab, there were a naming convention for new features branches created FROM and FOR an issue : my-awesome-issue-title-<ISSUE_ID>

If we folow this convention, Gitlab bind automatically the branch with the issue, and even the merge requests created from this branch.

This is a very awesome feature because we can name all of our branches with a custom naming convention, with prefixes, and finishing with the ID of the issue make the trick.

For example we can create these branches :

  • features/add-awesome-button-354
  • features/improve-cool-action-398
  • hotfixess/fix-https-performance-issue-512

and so on… and Gitlab automagically bind our branches to their matching issues. Great!

But from the last GitLab upgrade (Community Edition 8.9.2), the naming convention seems to changed for <ISSUE_ID>-my-awesome-issue-title

This is very painful now to bind the issues to the branches, or we have to give up our loved custom prefixed naming convention… :frowning:

Is it possible to configure that patern to get back with the previous one or my own ?