[SOLVED] Commit message not triggering issue close


I’m using gitlab.com with a project that has issues turned on. I expect that commit messages like “Fixes #1 blah blah” will automatically mark Issue 1 Closed, but that’s not the case.

  1. Should the default matching pattern already be in effect on gitlab.com?
  2. I’m committing to a non-master branch—are there branch-specific rules that should apply, like this only working on master?

Happy to add information if there’s anything to troubleshoot, I’m just kind of confused.

Yes, I’m afraid this works only for master.

I stand corrected. If you carefully read the docs:

This happens when the commit is pushed or merged into the default branch of a project.

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Oh no, not another RTFM fail. Thanks for confirming, @axil!

Hehe, get more coffee in your blood! :coffee: