Can I enable more than 1 CODEOWNER as required for a file?

I’m using CODEOWNER file to setup my MR aprpovals. The setup is working correctly but as far as I have observed if I add this in my codeowner file:

*.json @user1 @user2 @user3

When I open a MR, it makes my MR to require approval by 1 of the owners. I would like to able to setup that it needs to be approved by at least 2 of the owners. Is that even possible?

I’m using version GitLab Enterprise Edition [13.11.7-ee]
It is a self managed instance of GitLab that is run at an enterprise level.

I have already been to this documentation page and several other not official and haven’t found any clue to this:

Code Owners | GitLab

Hi, Have you found any reliable solution for the issue. We are also the same issue Our code file is *.json @hesco @user 2.

As we are using the gitlab enterprise (13.11.15-ee) . Even though I have hired a developer on fiverr for completing this task but he is unable to do it. So if you