Don't require Code Owner approval for any Code Owner's changes

How do I disable Code Owners required when the person making the commit is one of the Code Owners?

  • Person A and Person B are Code Owners for the same directory of files
  • Person A makes changes to a file in the directory
  • Person B is still required to approve the changes despite also being a Code Owner for these files
  • Any person outside of these two Code Owners should still require approval from either one.

My purpose for this question is to have a backup Code Owner if one of my team members goes on vacation. However still requiring the other Code Owner to approve the changes defeats this process. I also don’t want to add a third Code Owner to each directory since my team has so few members anyways.

In project Settings->Merge Requests at the very bottom you have options like Prevent approval by author or Prevent approvals by users who add commits. Disable them (uncheck).

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