Can install kubernetes runner

I have a self-hosted gitlab server in my lab for my personal projects running on a VM. I am trying to create a gitlab-runner on my K3S kubernetes cluster. I installed the OLM operator and the secret without any issues, but when I attempt to install this I get the following error message. I have checked the api-resources and Runner does show up as a resource and the appropriate version is correct as well.

“Error from server (InternalError): error when retrieving current configuration of:
Resource: “, Resource=runners”, GroupVersionKind: “, Kind=Runner”
Name: “gitlab-runner”, Namespace: “gitlab-runner”
from server for: “gitlab-runner.yml”: Internal error occurred: error resolving resource”

kind: Runner
  name: gitlab-runner
  namespace: gitlab-runner
  buildImage: alpine
  config: "gitlab-runner-config-toml"
  token: gitlab-runner-secret
  tags: Shared

Did you manage to resolve the issue? I am facing the same problem. Currently using rke2 version v1.28.8+rke2r1. I followed the steps described at | The registry for Kubernetes Operators. Do we have to specify any role (rbac) etc?