Can`t push to repository (Gitlab CE)

I`m trying to push to Gitlab CE and get the following error:
“Push failed. Failed with error: fatal: remote error: License limit exceeded fatal: Could not read from remote repository.”


Seems like your license limit has exceeded “License limit exceeded”. Please check your licenses info in admin settings.

Please help. Where can I find licenses info? I use Gitlab Community Edition.


If you are using CE license will not be there. License is only in EE version.
Please check production or gitlab_shell log for more detailed error.
cd /var/log/gitlab
you can also run some rake tests to find out the problem.
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:gitlab_shell:check --trace
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true --trace

Thanks for help. I found the problem… It was PhpStorm error. :angry: