Can we migrate GitLab EE licence to new deployment

We recently applied GitLab ultimate license for our production selfhosted instance & realized license is valid only for 100 users, but we have more than 100 users in our production instance.
Majority of our users in the production instance don’t need ultimate license (they are very happy with generous offering of GitLab CE edition), Ultimate license is needed only by handful of users in our case.

We are thus thinking to create a new self-hosted instance of GitLab dedicated to users who really want to benefit from ultimate license. We therefore wanted to ask if it would be possible to remove/delete license from our current production selfhosted instance (Thus falling back to CE version in production instance) & apply same license to our new selfhosted instance dedicated to users needing ultimate license. Do you think this will work? Or any work around we could follow?

P.S.: We looked at concept of guest users, but this doesn’t seem scalable to our use case.


This is a community forum, so we cannot help you with your license issue. Your best bet, since you have purchased a Gitlab subscription, is to open a ticket so that they can help you with it: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc. this link is directly to the section for Licensing issues. When you purchase a subscription you have access to their support portal.