Can I move a licence from an instance to another?

I’m trialling Gitlab in my business and we have installed it twice on prem, once using docker and once using the AWS guide

The reason for having 2 instances is simple, on one of them we have our project managers testing the workflows and labelling features, on the other the devops team is testing kubernetes, ci/cd and monitoring.

We kept them separated so we can destroy them as often as we wish without impacting both workstreams

It’s now time to test Gitlab premium and we’d like to upgrade the devops instance and run more tests.
Once testing is complete, we will create a third instance, the “production one” and move everyone there.

My question is: can I buy a premium licence say, for 5 users, on one of the test instances and them move that to the production instance once testing is finished?

Thank you

Hi @giovanni.savastano , welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

You can apply the same license to multiple instances as long as they cover the same set of users.

If your GitLab instances cover the exact same set of users (e.g., for backup, high availability, failover, testing, and staging), you can use the same license file for all of them.

However, if you’re running multiple production instances with different mixes of users, you will need an individual license for each instance.

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Thank you Greg!

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