Cannot activate pages

after upgrading to the newest Gitlab CE (8.17), i tried to activate Gitlab pages, but so far, I’ve not been successful.

General configuration
-Gitlab server runs under a custom subdomain using an SSL-Certificate (https://git.mydomain.tld)
DNS: git.myserver.tld A

Pages configuration:
I followed the instructions on and choose the option described there as the most easy to do.
First, I configured a wildcard dns entry
DNS: *.pages.myserver.tld A

Afterwards, I updated my gitlab.rb file by adding the following entry
pages_external_url = http://pages.myserver.tld

And I did a sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

When trying out pages, however, the build of pages does not succeed

And in the pages section, the following remark can be found:

What did I miss out? Is there an additional step I should have done?

Thanks for your suggestions!


Your screenshot of the pages section shows the same message as everyone in this thread. It’s possibly related, but no one there has yet to post your main problem.