Cannot add a group from Gitlab Organization

I am looking to integrate the projects of my Gitlab group to SonarCloud, the domain is “A” and the Personal Access Token was obtained according to the documentation GitLab | SonarCloud Docs but when I want to go to the next process, the legend “The token is not valid” appears, even though said token is the one generated in my account. I suspect it is because the projects are not within the domain.

Could you support me?
NOTE: I also tried git Gitlab Group Key which is 4 but the error was the same

Welcome to the GitLab community! Thanks for the question.

In reviewing the SonarCloud docs, this page states: "To analyze your code with SonarCloud it must be hosted on one of the supported DevOps platforms and you must sign into SonarCloud through your existing account on that platform.

SonarCloud supports the following platforms:

This seems to confirm your suspicion that the issue is because your projects are not hosted on one of the supported platforms.