Add EKS Cluster to group

We have a gitlab EE 13.10 and im trying to add one of our EKS clusters to our Group. However when i do it, it says it cant reach the API endpoint (AWS ELB) which might be because of a generic SSL cert, cant really tell.
From the directions i found (Adding EKS clusters | GitLab) they make it seem like i have to configure my AWS creds at an admin level. However im part of a vary large corp and we are just one of many teams using gitlab, all with our own AWS accounts (multiple accounts per team even) and so im not exactly sure how I can utilize the devops features.

I tried following the normal “add a cluster” directions provided when you attempt to set it up so i’ve given it the cert/token etc etc but it fails with a fairly generic error “Your cluster API is unreachable. Please ensure your API URL is correct”

Is there a way to handle this from the group level?

Hi @jrich523
GitLab expects that you provide a token with EKS cluster cluster-admin privileges, because it creates another services with cluster-admin privileges.
If you have your own AWS Account you can spin-up our own EKS cluster for your GitLab group.

That error is generic as you have mentioned. Check if you can reach your EKS cluster API from the hosts where GitLab is running.