Cannot add users to project

When I try to add a member to my project (I am the owner) on per the below instructions, I do not have any options to add a member.
Members of a project | GitLab

I would expect to see Invite member somewhere but do not.

Here is the route to where I am (I have replaced my team/project name):

Here is a screenshot of what I see:

It looks like I can someone to the whole team, but I don’t want this user to have access to all of our projects, only one specific project.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Only a guess but perhaps the settings for team-name is restricting the ability to add members to projects directly. I see no other reason for this otherwise.

On I maintain my own private repos, and I can invite people to them, but I do not have a team configured. This is why I think the team is the problem.


this is for a group I have test-group, in the group settings and the section under General → Permissions there is an option to restrict adding project members. Maybe you need to check if this is enabled and most likely disable it.

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