How to add a user to a project?

Hi guys,

currently we test the free plan of gitlab. If I create a group, I can add a user to the group. So far so good. But when I want to add a user to a project. I don’t have a button to add a new user. I just get a list of all users in the project.

What do I wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @MoneyToTheMaker,

You can add the user to the specific project with below steps.

  1. click on project and "Project > Setting " at left side and click on “members”

  1. Click on “Select members to invite” and add the user to the particular project.


Hi Kiran,

we use the SaaS Service of gitlab. So our projects are under In that environment I can’t find the possibility to do that.

Hi did anyone find a way around that ?
I’m also on the instance and have the same issue:
I can add users to the project group:

But when I want to do the same at project level, the option just isn’t there:

Yoiu may note that I’m the owner of the project, so permissions should not be a problem.

To sum it up: I can add a user to a group but not directly to a projec, contrarily to what is stated by the documentation: Members of a project | GitLab

@sgadot-duotec It sounds like you might have Member Lock enabled in one of the parent groups of that project. Can you check?

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Many thanks @Tristan that did the job.
I completely forgot that I checked this box during the setup.

It’s all OK now !

@sgadot-duotec Sure thing, I’m glad that helped! :smiley: