Cannot re-enable Group level GitLab shared runner

While reviewing my GitLab group settings for my private group, I accidently toggled the slider to turn off the GitLab shared runner availability for my group, and then re-enabled it straight away (toggle is back to the on position, see below):

However, I’m now unable to run any tests using GitLab CI and the GitLab user interface reports that Shared Runners are disabled at my Group level. I tried switching the toggle off and on again to see if that would help but that didn’t fix the problem. I’ve been stuck without the ability to run CI using shared runners for about 4 hours now (all jobs stuck in pending state).


I’m using Any ideas/suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi @ckp25
according to docs:
To re-enable the shared runners for a group, turn on the Enable shared runners for this group toggle. Then, an owner or maintainer must explicitly change this setting for each project subgroup or project.

Thanks, my issue was that I didn’t realise I had to renable the project at the “project subgroup” level. The tooltip in my screenshot above refers to “group level” which was the source of my confusion. Thanks a lot.