Cannot share project with group

I’ve only used GitLab a little bit, so I’m not fully certain I understand all the concepts… so that may mean I have a misunderstanding :slight_smile:

In any case, I’ve got a group ‘bloomberg’, and under that group there is a project ‘recc’ and a subgroup ‘recc-developers’. I want to use recc-developers as a users-only group, it won’t own any projects (because lots of people are already using ‘recc’ under its existing path and I’d rather not move it).

When I go Settings->Members in the ‘recc’ project, there is no ‘Share with Group’ button available at all; the only things I can do there are invite or remove users as members. The user account making these changes is a member of recc-developers (and is Owner of the entire heirarchy), so it is clearly able to see all of this stuff and is a member of the to-be-shared-with group.

Have I missed a step somewhere?

Thanks to dblessing on #gitlab IRC channel for knowing the answer; sharing was disabled at the top-level group. Once sharing was allowed, the ‘Invite Group’ tab showed up as it should.