How can a group leave shared project?

We have a GitLab group with members to share projects quickly from group to them. However, some members (who already left the group) have shared their personal projects with the group which is not desired at all.

I am the owner of the group and I need for the group to leave the projects. However, I can’t seem to find any functionality for that similar to the one we have for users to leave the projects.

Is there any way I can make my group to leave those projects shared with groups?

Would really appreciate help. Thanks in advance!

This is Settings → General → Transfer project or Settings → General → Change path, but I’m not sure whether that will work if you don’t have write-access to the destination path…

Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply but unfortunately it’s not going to work – I need to keep the group since there are people and projects shared but from the project we need to leave as a group if I as a user do not have Maintainer permissions I can’t go to project’s settings and remove group from “Shared with” section.

So what I am looking for is legally same as “Leave the project” but from the name of a group :cry:

So, what I’m suggesting is that you move the projects that you don’t want, not that you move the group. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

Your other option would be to archive the projects with Settings → General → Advanced → Archive project.

Can’t do that, the group has Developer access to those shared projects, Maintainer is needed though…