Cannot update SSL Certificate

So, I setup GitLab about 2 years ago, and generated a certificate with our Microsoft PKI CA, it just expired. I don’t really remember all of what I did, but basically in /etc/GitLab/ssl there where three files, ca_cert.cer servername.crt, and servername.key. So I was following these instructions: and I created a new request, spit out a new p7b, converted that to a pem with openssl. copied it to /etc/GitLab/trusted_certs and ran sudo GitLab-crt reconfigure, but its still using the old cert. I ran the test from the webpage to make sure the .pem is fine, and it works, no errors, the symlink is created and exits, im not really sure what else to do. all the ssl info is commented out in my GitLab.rb. and the article mentions that there may be symlinks in /etc/GitLab/ssl/trusted_certs, but that directory doesn’t exist for me. I did notice that the symlink created in /opts/GitLab/embedded/ssl/certs also exists in /etc/GitLab/trusted_certs, and if I delete it, in both locations, it comes back after running GitLab-ctl reconfigure. Any help is appreciated. thanks.