Can't able to add removed user account in GitLab

Can’t able to add removed user account in GitLab.

We have enabled Oarth and disabled the login with username and password. Some of the user facing the login issue with 422 error of email already exists. So, we have removed that user account from GitLab and login again with Oarth. One of our Gitlab user not able to login after removed the account. Now facing 422 error without any information. Also, we have ensured this account is not existing in GitLab and also GitLab API. So, the account is not present.

We tried to create the account manually with the name, username and email id. If I use the particular username of that user, the Create user button does not respond anything and the same page retain. When I change the username with another name, the account created by clicking the Create User button. We suspect that, the both issue from that particular username. We expect that username to login from Oarth.

Could you please suggests solution for this issue?

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Hello! Could you please open a support ticket about that over at We’d love to help you out.