Inability to recover Gitlab account


I’m not sure if I’ve posted in the right section, I apologize in advance if it’s the case.

I’ve been using GitLab for 2 years now, without any problems so far.

I’ve lost access to my Gitlab account last week. My former userID and email used for that account do not allow me to log in, I get the following message when I try to log in with my userID:

You have to confirm your email address before continuing. Please check your email for the link we sent you, or click ‘Resend confirmation email’.

When I try to get the confirmation email, I get nothing from my associated email adress.

A former colleague of mine still sees my account as active on the projects we both worked on.

Does anybody know what could be the cause? How to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @VLG, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

We recently required some users to re-confirm their email address as the result of this issue which was resolved in a recent release, and it sounds like you’ve likely been affected by that. It’s also possible that you’re not receiving the new confirmation email due to a suppression on your email address in our system.

We’ll need to resolve this via a support ticket, would you mind submitting one?