"Can't find HEAD commit for this branch" in CI Pipelines

Every entry in “CI Pipelines” shows “Can’t find HEAD commit for this branch” under the “Commit” column instead of the commit message. If I view the same commits in Repository -> Commits they show up fine.

This is a fairly new repo with only a single branch (master) and 19 commits.

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That is one I haven’t seen before. If you check out the repository locally, what does the output of cat .git/HEAD return? Assuming it is ``, then does the command cat .git/refs/remotes/origin/master return the same hash that you’d expect? In this screenshot, that is 43612eab.

Also, is it possible you committed those with either no commit message or with unsafe characters, is blank or starts with a few carriage returns? What is the output of git reflog or git log --oneline? I’m wondering if there’s just something about those commit messages that GitLab doesn’t like.

Hope that helps uncover this one!

Thanks for the response @olearycrew.

cat .git/HEAD returns ref: refs/heads/master and .git/refs/remotes/origin/master does return the hash I expect, edb097e013adf017b94da40903b1cf1167f11152, which matches with the most recent one shown on the CI Pipelines page, even though that page shows Can't find HEAD commit for this branch under that hash.

All of my commits have messages with no special characters, usually simple single-sentence descriptions. The top line from git reflog reads edb097e (HEAD -> master, origin/master) HEAD@{0}: commit: Fix token refresh, add debug info so that hash matches and it shows my latest commit message. git log shows the same information formatted differently.

Wow, sorry @nathanjovin but that’s everything I would have expected in a “normal” repo. I’m not sure what to try next, but if it was me I’d try uploading it to a different GitLab project by adding a second remote just to see if something might be “wrong” with how the repo was created on GitLab.

@olearycrew I just tried creating a new private repo (nathanjovin/gitlab-support-test), added it as a remote (git remote add support-test git@gitlab.com:nathanjovin/gitlab-support-test.git), pushed it up (git push support-test) and I see the exact same problem in the new repo: the pipline CI list reads “Can’t find HEAD commit for this branch”