Commit History Different between web interface and command line


We’ve a wierd problem here. I’ve been doing some commits on the command line and someone else did a commit in the GitLab web interface in the same branch:

-sh-4.2$ git branch

  • new_branch
    -sh-4.2$ git log
    commit 554cae17a9880b7740879011cb9878f1696c0ef5
    Author: ME
    Date: Mon Jun 6 15:29:01 2016 +0100
new one

commit 4de3b165e791b21bdf3ce1e19229a3c8a9f9ebce
Author: Me
Date: Mon Jun 6 14:48:36 2016 +0100

Sorts Hiera Config

Now under commits in the gitlab GUI for the same branch you can see another user did this:

Authored by 9 minutes ago
Commit b1784d9c9f40e3df6c7c2309c60b184d2cf1b9e4 1 parent cb70cb4c new_branch
Builds for 1 pipeline passed in 13 seconds
Add test comment

Just wondering why this can’t be seen from my command line (i’ve done a git fetch)

Conversely you can certainly see all commits i’ve done on the command line in the GUI, so why can’t i see vice versa?

Any help / advice / tips are appreciated.


If you notice the web UI is not updating info correctly you can simply clear the cache with below command they will make the web ui show correct info.

Redis clear cache