Can't get submodules to work

I have a project in my computer with the following structure:
├── bin
├── code
│ └── src
├── data
├── doc
├── experiments
└── reports
└── summary

code/src and /reports/summary are submodules defined in .gitmodules
[submodule “code/src”]
path = code/src
url = ./code/src/

[submodule “reports/summary”]
path = reports/summary
url = /home/zunbeltz/Proyectos/reports/base/

I created a project in the gitlab of my workplace (version 7.9.4). After adding the new origin and
git push -u origin master
The links of the submodules are broken with a 500 error code.

I tried also in, (version 7.14) and I get a 404 error

Does someone know what is going here?