Moved Submodule project, broken link

I have a repository that is used as a submodule in another repository. I recently moved this project to a new namespace. My goal was to put it into a namespace that had a more open sharing policy.

Now the larger project has a broken link. When I try to clone the larger project, it fails to find the submodule.

How do I fix the broken link and point it to the new location?

If you just clone the larger project, it should be fine. You can then edit the configuration and push it back up. By default ‘git’ does not pull down submodules, you have to provide a --recursive parameter for it.

You should be able to edit .gitmodules and .git/config to point to the new namespace. You may even be able to do this directly in gitlab by editing the files.

Also, my suggestion is to rename the .git/modules/submodulename to a new name and pull a new copy from the new location. Then delete the old module directory.