Can't pass the cloudflare captcha, tried it in all browsers

Hi I want to log in to access my code but I can’t cuz the cloudflare captcha just refreshes the page and it starts again. I got locked out of my code and can’t do my job.

There are no errors , the page just refreshes. What do I do?


  1. try in Incognito / Private window
  2. cleanup your cookies and cache

Oh thanks it works in incognito mode. life saver!

in my case , the problem is system time. i have changed my windows time for doing some works but after a hour of headache I found that is for wrong system time.

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Same problem here. is an endless loop of brainless “verify you’re a human”. Fix this stupidity, please.

Same problem here, can’t pass captcha with firefox at the same url imbugmanoink mentioned ](