Can't search for user information by e-mail using python API (gl.users.list)

From today, we can’t search user by e-mail using the python API… The following is the example.


Until yesterday, it worked but it doesn’t work from today.

In the offitial documentation, it says that we can sarch user information by e-mail.

You can also search for users by name, username, primary email, or secondary email, by using ?search=. For example. /users?search=John.

Hi there,

I can reproduce this in the browser ("MYEMAIL@ADDRESS" returns an empty array, whereas"MYNAME").

The right place to report bugs is the GitLab issues list. I couldn’t find anything relevant with a quick search but you might do a bit better than me!

There should be a bug template if you need to raise a new issue, otherwise do upvote and comment on any relevant issue you find, and that will make it more likely to be fixed.


Thanks for the information! I reported this bug to the issue list. The following is the link :slight_smile:


Please refer to the “Authenticated users can search other users by their private email” section of our 14.7.1 security release post.