Need to extract list of email addresses


Trying to retrieve a list of users email addresses from our in-premise GitLab CE instance via the api.

I’m using “GET /user/emails” but it returns an empty string.
I do notice it mentions that there is an issue " Due to (Admin API : "GET /users/:id/emails" is inconsistent w/ documentation (#25077) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab) this endpoint currently does not return the primary email address" found here

I’m assuming my returned list is empty due to this bug?

Is there any other way to retrieve a list of user email addresses?



I get a 404 if I try to do /user/email or /users/email, but if you install a package called jq, you can do something like this:

curl -s --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: your-token-here" | jq .[].email

I am an admin, so it listed everything for me. Not sure how this would show up for a standard user, whether it would provide the email or not.

Using jq, I just filter out the returned email address from all the other JSON data.

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Perfect! Does whats it says on the tin.

Thank you again for yet another gem of solution.


I should have reviewed the output before posting… it seems to only of returned 20 email addresses and probably missed another 20 or so. I can’t find any limits that are set. Is this a limitation of this API request or am I missing a limit being set somewhere?


Not sure if this will work but try adding this to end of url



as the url

Awesome, just the trick.

I did see there was a per_page parameter but couldnt see how to use it.

Much appreciated!

Can the parser help in this case, or it’s not required?