Can't update / create / delete wiki pages

In one of my projects the wiki can’t get modified any more:

Getting an error label “The form contains following error:” without any content for all operations (create, update, delete)

How to fix it?
Where to search for issue near down?

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Have you solve this problem? I met the same problem and don’t know what to do.

I had the same problem.
I’ve checked the exception log and for the update wiki command i had this error

"exception.message": "13:commit: commit: open repository: config value '' was not found.",

I’m running gitlab in a docker container, and running update-permissions script(/assets/update-permissions) inside the container fixed the problem.

This could be caused by the fapolicyd service running. As a test, you could turn off the service, try to save the wiki edit, and see if it succeeds. This happened to be the issue in my case.