Getting a 500 error when I am trying to edit a wiki page

Hi Guys
I am having trouble editing one of my wiki pages on

The name of the page is: Requirements/Attributes but as soon as I tried to save it.
I got a 500 and now the name is changed to: Attributeshttps:/

And I can’t seem to go back into it.
I tried cloning the wiki project to see if I can retrieve the content
I get this error: fatal: cannot create directory at ‘Attributeshttps:’: Invalid argument

Please help.
That particular page is very important to my project and I already put a lot of time into it

The error said: Please contact your GitLab administrator if this problem persists.
So here I am lol

Hey @alagidiomokurin, if you’re running into a 500 error please feel free to contact us directly regarding this so that we can take a look with more detail.