Can't use custom Codeclimate configuration

Hi all,

I have trouble setting up the following environment. I’d like to quickly check the code quality of a few SASS files in my local GitLab repository. This is the contents of the .gitlab-ci.yml file:


  • template: Code-Quality.gitlab-ci.yml


  • test`

And I’ve put a .codeclimate.yml file in the root of the repository as well. That’s it. But it does not pick up any custom configurations I’ve put in that file. It ignores them.

What should I do to make sure the changes in codeclimate.yml are picked up? I’m using the Community Edition by the way.

Hi @martijn19811 thanks for posting!

You mentioned that you are using the Community Edition. The codeclimate.json file will be available to download but CodeQuality is not yet part of the Core edition of GitLab. The testing team is working on moving the Merge Request report to the Core Edition. You can follow progress of that effort in this issue.


-James H - GitLab Project Manager

Thanks for the clear reply, James!