Checking pipeline status stuck

I have installed gitlab-runner into a container, and made it register.
I got a runner with the green light into my open but seems that the Checking pipeline status is stuck and have no way to debug it or understand what’s going on, really frustrating.

  • I have a private gitlab with a domain name, called
  • Created a project with nodeJS application.
  • Created the Dockerfile and the build works perfectly in the server.
    I want to autobuild my images and then push them to where i got a pro account with private repository.

I have this .gitlab-ci.yml file, i just want to test the build on gitlab so made it simple but nothing happening.

image: docker:stable

      - Build image
    docker build:
      stage: Build image
        - docker info
        - docker build -t private/project:1.0 .

I share with you my container logs for gitlab-runner, i have no idea what does this mean also.
Got it when i execute docker logs container_id

Configuration loaded                                builds=0
Starting multi-runner from /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml ...  builds=0
Running in system-mode.                            
Configuration loaded                                builds=0
Metrics server disabled                            

Hi @Tarek23,
By any chance you are able to resolve this?
I am getting similiar error, I have not used any docker images, just creating .gitlab-ci.yml but checking pipleine status is loading forever.