CI/CD drain out quota while pulling gitlab-runner-helper image

My job took over one hour while pulling the image

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I have a pipeline with 3 jobs that usually takes around 3, to 4 minutos to complete. Today, after one of my commits, the last job got stuck in the pulling image state and took almost 2 hours to stop, consuming all my CI/CD quota for the month.

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I have this in my log:

Running with gitlab-runner 14.8.0~beta.44.g57df0d52 (57df0d52)
on zxwgkjAP
Preparing the “docker+machine” executor00:03
Using Docker executor with image amazon/aws-cli …
Authenticating with credentials from job payload (GitLab Registry)
Pulling docker image
WARNING: Failed to pull image with policy “always”: Post “”: context canceled (manager.go:203:0s)
ERROR: Job failed: failed to pull image “” with specified policies [always]: Post “”: context canceled (manager.go:203:0s)

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I’m using

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I don’t think that the whole yml is relevant, since my script not even started. But that job is using the amazon/aws-cli image.

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None, I don’t think that was my falt, since the fail was while pulling from registry. Also, minutes later that commit, I’ve done another one that passed within 4 minutes.

So, what I do about my quota?


I suggest you open a ticket here:

Assuming you paid for your CI/CD quota you should be able to get assistance for it and a refund if it is not your fault.