CI/CD Pipeline working for one branch in repo and not another

Problem to solve

I’m having this issue when trying to set up a CI/CD Pipeline for a repo from scratch. I have two branches, each slightly different with the file setup different and one that has gradle setup alongside it. They have the exact same gitlab-ci.yml file (the dummy one provided in the tutorial, which I’m just using to test my runners) and I have a runner in the overall repo that says it is active and has a green circle next to it. However, the ‘dummy’ pipeline as shown in the tutorial only works for one of the branches and not the other (doesn’t work for the one with gradle files), which is weird because they have the exact same .gitlab-ci.yml file, which is a dummy just designed to see if I have the runners working.

I’m wondering how to get this pipeline working for the other file so I can start configuring the .yml file. It currently says the job is stuck because the project does not have any runners assigned to it for the branch not working.

Steps to reproduce

I’ve been following the tutorial and looking at some earlier forum questions but cannot find a similar problem.


The .yml file is quite literally exactly the same as the one present in the tutorial here: Tutorial: Create and run your first GitLab CI/CD pipeline | GitLab. I’m just using it to test runners.


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