CI/CD Pipelines

I want to register my GitLab runner (running on Ubuntu Server).
It is askin me for my registration token, and docs said I could find it in Settings → CI/CD. There is no field for CI or CD.
I have a Free Plan.


Yes there is. Select the project. Then inside the project go to settings → CI/CD.

You will have to disable shared runners first, or instead of using a dedicated runner for a particular project, add a shared runner by going to Admin → Settings → CI/CD.

The other issue may be under the project → Settings → General → Visibility Project Features that you have CI/CD disabled.

Are Shared Runners only available for paid plans? So yes, how much RAM is needed for docker containers that run the runner?

If you use self-hosted GitLab instance, there are no Shared Runners. You need to host and register one your self and there multiple places where it can be added, on instance, group or project level.

If you are using shared runners are available to you even on Free plan (after you put a credit card info in your account). You can register your own on Group or Project level.
Group: There is Runners option in the left menu.
Project: Settings->CI/CD and expand Runners section. There is a button to add new runner.

How much RAM do I need to host it on Docker?

Depends on how much RAM will your Jobs use.

Not quite correct. You can create a runner yourself, which is shared between the projects. It doesn’t have to be defined and restricted to one single project - you can add in the admin section a runner, which can then be shared between projects. If you register it within a specific project, then it’s only accessible to that project. Technically it’s still a shared runner, it just belongs to you and nobody else and shared at project/group/server level.

What I expect you meant was shared runner as compared to one on Gitlab SaaS which is shared between users/organisations - but effectively still similar to a shared runner on your own private gitlab that your own users can share.

shared runners on my self-hosted Gitlab instance. For Gitlab terminology sake, it’s still a shared runner despite only me using it, or our company. I suppose I guess it depends on how you see/define shared - as per what is shown in the Gitlab configuration vs only you/your company uses so maybe not so shared in that sense.

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No, runners shared or restricted to a specific project are available on all plans. My Gitlab is free without purchased license/subscription, and runners are still possible. If you are not seeing this on your server or projects, then it means as I mentioned before, you do not have the appropriate options enabled within the project/server configuration. Otherwise you would see Settings → CI/CD.

I suggest checking Gitlab’s documentation for you to read more about runners: GitLab Runner | GitLab

Mine has 2cpu, and 4gb ram - as guidance. you can use more, it just depends how frequent and heavily it will be used and as @balonik said how many jobs etc.