CI/CD problem

I am running my gitlab CI/CD and have the problem blow.

Skipping Git submodules setup
Checking cache for default…
No URL provided, cache will not be downloaded from shared cache server. Instead a local version of cache will be extracted.
Successfully extracted cache
/usr/local/bin/ line 24: find: command not found
/usr/local/bin/ line 24: find: command not found

Is there any idea? Thanks!

I change the maven version from maven:latest to maven:3.3.9-jdk-8
and it’s work now… I guess there are some problems on the latest maven…

I’ve noticed the issue seems to happen when using OpenJDK 15 or 14. If I switch to OpenJDK 8 it seems to work. In the past it seemed to be fine, just started yesterday.


Hi @joshaidan! Welcome to our community, and THANK YOU for adding a possible solution! I am sure this will help others in the future as well. :blush:


@joshaidan Yes, I noticed that it just started yesterday. Thanks for your solution. Hope someone who can fix this issue of root cause.


I re-ran the pipeline just now and it appears to be working with OpenJDK 14 once again.

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Yes, It’s work now! thanks for your notification!

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I’m staring at a copy on my desk right now that has sticky note bookmarks sticking out all which ways. It walks you all the way through building an application, containerizing it, creating a Jenkins pipeline with automated testing, and migrating data for the application (a java calculator).

Reader beware: It does make a few assumptions since it isn’t meant to teach you how to use git; it assumes you have an environment to do the work on, so don’t expect much in the way of provisioning an EC2 instance or a VM to do the exercises in.